• IT Services - IT UNLIMITED - Permanent Support

    We guarantee our customers the best IT support and the best solutions.
    With an experienced, qualified and certified team in the area of information technologies.

    So that your company can focus on your business and forget about IT issues

  • Guarantee the best maintenance and computer assistance tailored to your company's needs
    Unlimited services with a fixed monthly cost, so you can forget about IT issues

    Unlimited local, remote and telephone assistance plans with travel included and without additional costs and/or binding commitments. Available: 24h x 7 365 days



We are able to give full support in the IT area, providing the IT services required for your company's day-to-day operations,
with no time limit, travel included and with no binding commitment.

Remote monitoring and alarming of your systems and services, as well as their availability reporting.
Remote backups and protection of workstations and servers.

We offer our clients computer assistance services, remote support, as well as server maintenance, networks and all the services inherent to them, internet, email, security and antivirus. 

Unlimited's unlimited monthly computer support contracts are tailored to the needs of your company and its users, guaranteeing round-the-clock support and rapid problem resolution with immediate response times

Count on our experience, know-how and technical certifications. DataRoad is a certified company, qualified and experienced in complete IT services for companies. Whatever your needs are, we have the experience and technical resources to offer the best IT support.

For your company to concentrate and focus on your business without worrying about the IT area. Experience, know-how and technical certifications at your disposal.

We have a specialised and certified technical team in the IT area, with many years of experience in the market in the areas of systems implementation, security and IT systems maintenance, as well as in user support.

Most companies have evolved information systems, with servers, backups and security systems.

However, there are still serious failures as most of the systems do not have any kind of continuous or scheduled maintenance.

What is the risk for your company if you lose data or cannot use your information system for a long period of time ?

Our services aim to prevent such errors and failures from happening, through continuous monitoring (24x7) of your information system and preventive problem solving.

We are able to give all the support in the computer area, providing the computer services necessary for the day-to-day running of your company, with no limit to the number of hours, with travel included and with no binding commitment.



We remotely monitor and alarm your computer systems and services, as well as reporting on their availability through remote maintenance on workstations and corporate servers.

Not least, we ensure remote backups and protection of workstations and servers, with auditing and complete management of them remotely.

We guarantee computer services aimed at the stability and smooth running of your computer systems, so that you forget about computer issues and problems. We use our extensive experience with a technical team certified by the main manufacturers and with experience in support and implementation in the area of computer services.


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Monitoring, preventive and proactive alarming (Workstations and Servers)

  • Preventive, permanent and remote monitoring of the information system, so that we can detect anomalies before they happen;
  • Early detection of failures in backups, security and intrusion, hardware problems, performance or inoperable services, updates and patches, to ensure the continuity of your business;
  • Sending alerts in the event of serious faults so that problems can be rectified immediately;
  • Detailed monthly reports so you know the status of your information system, updates and backups;
  • Proactive rather than reactive IT assistance and support to user and system problems.

Helpdesk - Local / Remote and Telephone User Support

  • Unlimited access to our Helpdesk so your company never stops and focuses on your business;
  • Unlimited local, telephone and remote support at no extra cost;
  • Immediate responses to your problems via remote assistance, so you can keep on working;
  • Support your employees anywhere in the world through the remote support system, requiring only an Internet connection;
  • We manage your partners: Internet Providers, Voice Service Providers, Web Hosting, emails.

Certifications Know-How and Experience

  • Services provided by information systems engineers, certified by Microsoft, Cisco, Ubiquiti among others and with extensive experience in information systems;
  • We have a detailed knowledge of your information system and know the status of your current system through a monitoring agent, facilitating immediate problem resolution.

No Loyalty


  • Service plans with fixed monthly prices and unlimited support so your cost is always fixed.
  • Monthly, quarterly or yearly payments with no obligation to pay.   
DataRoad presents itself as a company with specialised know how, vast experience and certifications from various manufacturers in the IT area, IT network installation, IT security and professional and certified IT services for companies.
We guarantee a specialised team and present several projects already carried out in the areas of IT support, installation of computer networks and management of companies' IT parks.
DataRoad provides proactive IT services allied to monitoring, alarming and reporting the availability of its clients' information systems with its "IT Unlimited" service.


  • Workstation maintenance, end-user support

  • Customer follow-up by Technical manager

  • Computer and IT support services

  • Servers, backups and information security

  • Remote monitoring of your systems with alerts and monthly reports

  • Solving problems with Internet access and communications operators

  • Network configuration

  • Remote, telephone and local support with immediate response times

  • Computer consulting

  • Solutions to improve and optimise your IT systems

  • Monthly local visits to the client's premises

  • Activity and intervention reports

We have a specialised and certified technical team in the IT area, with many years of experience in the market in the areas of systems implementation, security and IT systems maintenance, as well as in user support.
The continuous training and certifications of our employees in the IT area enable us to respond efficiently to the needs of our clients in various areas of activity.

The IT services provided aim to guarantee effective monitoring of the solutions implemented.
We have a wide range of services corresponding to your needs and size, with specialization in the following areas:

    Maintenance of computer systems
    Networks, servers and workstations


    Computer consulting and advisory services


    Installation and configuration of servers
    Maintenance updating
    Monitoring and Alarming


    Network installation and cabling
    Cable network connections


    Monitoring Services
    Alarming and Reporting


    Implementation of IT solutions

  • VPN

    Secure remote accesses
    Connecting remote sites and offices


    Information recovery and backup
    Offsite Backups and Cloud Backups
    Disaster recovery solutions


    IT support and user support


    Unlimited support fee
    No limit to monthly hours
    Travel included


    Wireless network installation
    Enterprise WiFi solutions
    Remote management and monitoring


    Configuration and management of security systems


    Integrated e-mail systems


    Lan/Wan and internet traffic management and optimisation


    Cloud storage, email and backup solutions


    Voice over IP solutions
    IP PBXs

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Advantages of our computer and IT assistance services for companies:


  • A single partner for the entire IT sector

  • Maintenance, installation and computer support

  • On-site assistance

  • Permanent remote and telephone assistance

  • Immediate response times

  • Certified and specialised team in various IT areas

  • Technical reports of activities

  • Travel included in Lisbon

  • Assignment of a qualified and certified technical manager

  • Installation and maintenance of computer networks

  • Audit and IT security services

  • Cloud Solutions - Backup - Mail

  • Installation of IP PBX Voip telephone exchanges

  • Computer consulting and advisory services

  • Remote service monitoring and fault and event alarming

  • Unlimited Monthly IT Support Plans

  • Manufacturers' technical certifications at your disposal

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